Tips for supercharging your game, updates from the Supersonic team, and insights from our top partners
Case Study
Bridge Race reaches #1 on both app stores with Supersonic after failing to launch with another publisher
Garawell Games, Bridge Race
Garawell Games is a 7-person app development studio based in Istanbul. Bridge Race is the first game they’ve launched …
Case Study wins Supersonic Superstar competition after failing to launch with another publisher
Black Candy,
Black Candy is a Mongolian game development studio established in 2018 by Bayasaglan Lkhamdorj. His company is now 8 peo…
Case Study
Get Rich increases ARPU 136% and improves IPM 300% after winning Supersonic Superstars competition
Tenet Games, Get Rich
Get Rich is a hit hyper-casual simulation game from Turkish developer Murat Kul. After submitting his game’s prototype…
Case Study
Stacky Dash reduces CPI 37% and reaches top 5 in 28 countries with Supersonic
Born2Play, Stacky Dash
Born2Play is a hyper-casual development studio based in Shanghai, founded by Stan Mettra in 2018. Check out his story ab…
Case Study
How Chat Master flew to #2 in the US app stores with Supersonic
RubesSoft, Chat Master
Chat Master is a casual game developed by RubesSoft, in which users engage in various choice-based chat simulations. The…
Case Study
Supersonic gets Emoji Puzzle to #2 on Android in less than 6 weeks
Fun Velikan, Emoji Puzzle
Emoji Puzzle is Fun Velikan’s first hyper-casual game from founders Dmitriy Kurylev and Artem Oparin. After partnering…
Case Study
How Bazooka Boy made it to the top 10 in both app stores
Lightneer, Bazooka Boy
Mark Cochrane is the CEO at Lightneer, the hyper-casual studio behind the hit game Bazooka Boy. Read Mark’s story to l…
Case Study
Join Clash remains in top 100 for 1 year and is most downloaded game of January 2021
Freeplay, Join Clash
Join Clash is the first hyper-casual game by Freeplay, a gaming company with offices in the US, Belarus, and Russia. Aft…
Case Study
How Samurai Flash nailed retention, CPI, and playtime on day 1
Yummy Games, Samurai Flash
Yummy Games is a game developer based in France, and is the team behind the hit hyper-casual game, Samurai Flash. Below,…