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Case Study
Car Cops reaches #4 on Android and scales profit with Supersonic
Ice Cube Studio, Car Cops
Ice Cube Studio is a three-person mobile game development company based in China that was recently established. They sta…
Case Study
Noor Games partners with Supersonic again to get Basket Battle to #1 on Android
Noor Games, Basket Battle
With their hit game, Lumbercraft, reaching #1 on iOS and Android, Noor Games established themselves as a leading hyper-c…
Case Study
Become a Queen reaches top 10 with Supersonic as one of the first narrative-based hyper-casual games
Unlock Games, Become a Queen
Unlock Games is a mobile game development studio based in Cyprus that specializes in hyper-casual and casual titles. The…
Case Study
Pau Rau partners with Supersonic again to get Move Animals to #2 on Android and win Supersonic Superstars
Pau Rau , Move Animals
Paul Raubic is a solo developer and founder of the Pau Rau game studio. His previous title, Move People, reached the top…
Case Study
Grab Master gets to #3 on Android with Supersonic
Ging Games, Grab Master
Established in 2019, Ging Games is a game development studio based in Ankara, Turkey that’s built on an ethos of creat…
Case Study
Tall Man Run reaches #1 as fourth game published together with Supersonic
VectorUp Games, Tall Man Run
VectorUp Games was founded by solo developer Carlton Forrester in Virginia, USA. Once he got into hyper-casual developme…
Case Study
Pro Builder becomes an idle arcade hit and Black Candy's third game with Supersonic
Black Candy, Pro Builder
Mongolian-based Black Candy earns the spotlight again as the developers behind the hit idle arcade game Pro Builder. The…
Case Study
Arm Simulator reaches #1 on Android within 3 days by partnering with Supersonic
GameLemo, Arm Simulator
Since 2019, GameLemo has been launching games that offer users around the globe engaging and simple gameplay experiences…
Case Study
Garawell Games reaches the top again with Supersonic, getting Color Match to #1 overall
Garawell Games, Color Match
Garawell Games is a mobile game studio based in Turkey that’s behind the hit game Bridge Race, which together with Sup…