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Taking a performance-based approach to building creatives
Lolita Snapkova, Director of Creative Operations at Supersonic; Darya Ipatova, Motion Designer Lead at Supersonic
Learn to build creatives that convert with tips, best practices, and examples from the experts themselves
Idle arcade: insights and best practices
Zvi Mehlman, Senior Publishing Manager at Supersonic, Uri Ron, Market Research Expert at Supersonic
Hear straight from the Supersonic experts about tips, best practices, and insights for the super popular idle arcade genre
How to increase revenue and maintain retention with interstitial ads
Maayan Aharonovitch, Product Monetization Leader at Supersonic
Join a monetization expert from Supersonic and learn best practices for interstitial ads to hit the sweet spot of retention and revenue
Tips for TikTok, marketability strategies, and hyper-casual trends
Batuhan Avucan, Mobidictum; Nir Regev, Supersonic; Nadav Ashkenazy, Supersonic; Uri Ron, Supersonic; Alon Lemberg, TikTok; Nebih Başaran, Garawell Games; Mark Ratchin, Supersonic
Experts from Supersonic, TikTok, and Garawell Games share their tips for TikTok, marketability strategies, and hyper-casual trends
SuperMonday: Launching Supersonic Superstars, plus tips for success
Nir Regev, Supersonic; Uri Ron, Supersonic; Yaniv Haroety, Supersonic
Join the Supersonic experts for the kickoff of our Supersonic Superstars contest and tips for success
SuperMonday: Hyper-casual trends and ideation tips
Danielle Cohen, Supersonic; Uri Ron, Supersonic; Vinicius Pachá, Supersonic
Hear from Supersonic experts about using top hyper-casual trends for ideation
How to maximize your prototype's potential: Nailing the CPI video
Nir Regev, Supersonic
Learn from Publishing Team Leader Nir Regev all about how to create the best CPI video for your hyper-casual game
SuperMonday: Hyper-casual tips and trends for 2022
Nadav Ashkenazy, Supersonic; Danielle Cohen, Supersonic; Melissa Zeloof, ironSource
Sit down with Supersonic to learn about 2022 hyper-casual trends and predictions
To kill or not to kill: Deciding which games pass marketability
Yaniv Haroety, Supersonic
Join Supersonic's Yaniv Haroety at Hyper Games Conference talking all about determining marketability potential