Publish with experts invested in you

Publish with experts invested in you

Your new publishing team

Get your game to the top while working alongside a creative, passionate, and experienced team of game lovers who publish quickly, exchange ideas openly, and play fairly. You’ll always stay in the loop as your game grows from concept to global launch, with unrivaled transparency into your publishing metrics and access to our entire hands-on team who’s always up for a brainstorming session.

Get to the top the Supersonic way

We like to do things a little differently here at Supersonic to help developers grow themselves as much as their games. Here’s what you can expect when you partner with us:

Publish faster

Go from marketability testing to global launch in weeks, not months

Keep your IP

Your intellectual property stays yours – we simply want to help your game get to the top

Access our creative studio

Think of our in-house creative studio as your very own, helping you build super creatives based on what users love

Get access to crucial data

Know exactly how your game is performing with access to all the relevant publishing data at every step of the process

Work with growth experts

Rely on the insights and expertise of a team with over 10 years of experience in growing games

Getting your game from ideation to global hit

Step 1

Submit your game

Click here to get access to the Supersonic dashboard and test your game with us

Step 2

Run a marketability test

Use our self-serve platform to see if your MVP resonates with users and access all the relevant data in the dashboard

Step 3

Work with us

If your game meets our criteria, look out for a message from our team to kick off the publishing process, so we can start turning your concept into a profitable business

Step 4

Grow at Supersonic speed

Publish your game quickly while getting access to insights and data along the way with full transparency and 24/7 support

Achieve more with tech that optimizes at each step

Improve everything from your game design to your creatives with our most advanced tools.

Prototyping platform

Get full visibility into marketability test results – CTR, CPM, CPI, retention and playtime – all in one place

Wisdom SDK

Get your game ready for soft launch with our proprietary SDK and advanced tools

LiveGames platform

Maximize your game’s post-launch potential with all the data you need to keep optimizing

Check out our super success stories

Join Clash

Free Play

“Even though we had our own skilled UA and ad monetization teams, we still felt we could… achieve bigger and better results in the long term by working together”
– Evgeniy Sidorov, Lead Game Producer at Freeplay

#2 in iOS and Android in the US
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Stacky Dash


“With Supersonic’s help, our game was profitable from the first day of launch – now, more than a month later, we continue to hit our KPIs”
– Stan Mettra, Founder of Born2Play

$0.25 CPI
39% D1 retention
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Bridge Race

Garawell Games

“Supersonic is the most vibrant and exciting publisher in the market at the moment – they proved that in their full commitment and transparency.”
– Nebih Başaran, CEO and Founder at Garawell

-47% CPI
#1 in iOS and Android

Are you the next Supersonic Superstar?

The exclusive Supersonic Superstars club recognizes our top-performing games with special incentives and dedicated resources. Here’s what our Superstars can expect:

Private Slack channel

Get access to our best talent, tips, and tricks from our team whenever you want them

Early access to best-in class tech

Start using our latest growth technology before we release it to the public

Ongoing financial support

Focus on expanding your game portfolio and your studio with our monthly financial support

Publish your game with Supersonic

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