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Data Engineer

You’ve got an analytic left brain, strong data modeling and data engineering skills, and are ready to design and manage all of Supersonic’s BI and analytic products.

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User Acquisition and Monetization Manager

You’re a growth marketing expert who will do whatever it takes to get the best games to the top of the charts.

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Growth Analyst

You live and breathe data and numbers, and can see patterns in anything. Your analytical skills are just what we need to develop great growth strategies to take our games to the top.

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Growth Operations Manager

You’ve got strong analytical skills and interpersonal skills, and are eager to help our partners optimize their ad campaigns and generate positive ROI.

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Publishing Manager

You’re a business savvy gaming enthusiast, who can manage the relationships with our game developer partners and level up their game to the standards we need.

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BI Developer

You’re highly analytical, have strong data modeling and data engineering skills, and are ready to turn billions of daily events into critical business information.

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Game Designer

You’ve got a bunch of ideas for the world’s next hit hyper-casual game and have the follow-through to make sure that idea turns into reality.

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