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How we turn good games into great games
The benefit of working for a hyper-casual mobile game publisher is that I see hundreds of games on a weekly basis, and g…
5 tips for a profitable hyper-casual game launch
Supersonic Studios
Seeing multiple hyper-casual games in the top charts at any given time has warped our industry’s understanding of what…
Case Study
How Bead Sort reached #1 in the US in just 2 days after switching to Supersonic
Fogwatt Games, Bead Sort
Carlton Forrester and Richard Harrison are the co-founders of Fogwatt Games and the developers behind the hit game Bead …
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How to hit the No. 1 rank on the iTunes app store – with Nadav Ashkenazy (GM at Supersonic Studios)
Mobile User Acquisition Show
Our guest today is Nadav Ashkenazy, General Manager at Supersonic Studios. Supersonic Studios is a subsidiary company of…
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Supersonic Studios partners with ITI to help publish Japanese games internationally
Hypercasual developer Supersonic Studios has partnered with ITI (MarkApp) to help Japanese developers publish their game…
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Adtech vertical consolidation accelerates as IronSource launches Supersonic Games
Competition in the hypercasual sector is heating up with the news that IronSource is launching its own publishing and de…
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IronSource launches ad-based game studio Supersonic Games
IronSource has long helped games and apps become more popular through its ad monetization tricks. But now it’s going i…
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56 notable mobile games released in April 2020 you may have missed
The world of mobile games is ever changing, with a constant stream of new releases flooding the various app stores. …
Case Study
How Hide 'N Seek reached #1 in the US with Supersonic
Seenax, Hide 'N Seek
Originally from Romania, but currently located in Helsinki, Gabriel Coriiu is the founder of Seenax and the developer be…