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Case Study
Car Cops reaches #4 on Android and scales profit with Supersonic
Ice Cube Studio, Car Cops
Ice Cube Studio is a three-person mobile game development company based in China that was recently established. They sta…
Behind the hit: How Tall Man Run got to #1 overall and won Supersonic Superstars
Zvi Mehlman, Senior Publishing Manager at Supersonic, Carlton Forreseter, Founder of VectorUp Games
Get your game ready for Supersonic Superstars #4 by diving into previous Superstars winner and #1 app overall, Tall Man Run
Platform Series, pt. 1: LiveGames and maximizing profit after launch
Rae Steinbach
Let’s say your game is a salad bowl. Bear with us - the salad inside represents your game’s LTV, and to maximize thi…
How to get your game ready for Supersonic Superstars - and beyond
Nadav Ashkenazy, SVP Supersonic, Melissa Zeloof, VP Marketing at ironSource
Get your game ready to win $2M this Supersonic Superstars - and for future success - with these tips from Nadav Ashkenazy, SVP Supersonic
Case Study
Noor Games partners with Supersonic again to get Basket Battle to #1 on Android
Noor Games, Basket Battle
With their hit game, Lumbercraft, reaching #1 on iOS and Android, Noor Games established themselves as a leading hyper-c…
What to expect when publishing your game with Supersonic
Nadav Ashkenazy, SVP Supersonic
Explore the Supersonic difference and what it's like to publish a hyper-casual game with top growth experts
How to take advantage of blockchain technology without disrupting the game economy
Gal Fisheloviz
There’s a whole host of advantages for developers looking to integrate blockchain technology into their games - just c…
Case Study
Become a Queen reaches top 10 with Supersonic as one of the first narrative-based hyper-casual games
Unlock Games, Become a Queen
Unlock Games is a mobile game development studio based in Cyprus that specializes in hyper-casual and casual titles. The…
3 hyper-casual ideation tips from a top developer
Rae Steinbach
There are plenty of tips and resources out there for coming up with a hyper-casual game concept (we have some handy arti…