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Case Study
Going Balls reaches #1 on Android and scales profitably with Supersonic
Pronetis Games, Going Balls
Pronetis Games is a game development studio based in Romania with hit titles like Gyrosphere Trials and Overtake. Going …
Case Study
911 reaches #1 across all categories on iOS and remains a top 10 game for over a month
Five Bits, 911 Emergency Dispatcher
Five Bits is an international game development studio based in Panama whose hit app Fit the Fat and its sequels have att…
The four stages of the hyper-casual publishing funnel
Arielle Evan
In Supersonic’s latest webinar with TikTok for Business, Nadav Ashkenazy, General Manager at Supersonic, and Anni Ben …
3 ways you can use the Supersonic LiveGames platform to get greater transparency after soft launch
Rae Steinbach
When working with a publisher, likely you get insights and data up until you launch your game - after that, you may just…
In the Press
Bridge Race from Supersonic Studios was the most downloaded mobile game worldwide for April 2021
Bridge Race from Supersonic Studios was the most downloaded mobile game worldwide for April 2021 with 28 million install…
In the Press
How Bridge Race reached #1 with Supersonic
Nebih Başaran is the CEO and founder of Garawell Games, a 7-person development studio based in Istanbul, Turkey. Aft…
In the Press
ironSource’s Supersonic launches LiveGames publishing service for indies
Mobile monetization firm IronSource said its Supersonic Studios division has launched LiveGames, a self-service way for …
In the Press
A year of full-throttle growth: Q&A with ironSource's Supersonic Studios
ironSource launched its hyper-casual publishing solution, Supersonic Studios, just over a year ago with five employees w…
In the Press
The Supersonic team uses Facebook solutions and hybrid model to support growth
Facebook Audience Network
Supersonic Studios is ironSource’s hypercasual game publishing solution backed by years of user acquisition and moneti…