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How to make killer creatives for your hyper-casual game
Rae Steinbach
Your hyper-casual game concept could be fantastic and your visuals could be beautiful, but your game’s profitability a…
How to be a leaner, faster hyper-casual developer
Rae Steinbach
Ever spend 3 years on a game just to see it fail? Well, Vinicius Pachá, Lead Game Developer at Supersonic, has - and he…
Is your hyper-casual game fun? Best practices for boosting retention
Rae Steinbach
You can change your game’s character, add 30 more levels, and use an eye-popping color scheme, but when push comes to …
How to design a winning playable ad for your hyper-casual game
Rae Steinbach
Playable ads are widely considered the most effective in-app ad format, according to eMarketer - likely because they bui…
Case Study
Rope Man Run partners with Supersonic to reach top 5 on both app stores
Casual Hit Studio, Rope Man Run
Eduard Musoiu is the solo developer and founder of Casual Hit Studio, a hyper-casual development studio. For his latest …
The top hyper-casual genres and mechanics of 2021
Davis Silver
The hyper-casual space is constantly changing, so it’s important to keep up with the latest trends to inspire your nex…
To kill or not to kill: Deciding which games pass marketability
Yaniv Haroety, Supersonic
Join Supersonic's Yaniv Haroety at Hyper Games Conference talking all about determining marketability potential
Case Study
Move People reaches top 3 on both app stores through close collaboration with Supersonic
Pau Rau Studio, Move People
Move People is the brainchild of Paul Raubic, solo developer and founder of Pau Rau Studio. He previously self-published…
How to publish your game with Supersonic
Danielle Cohen, Director of Gaming, explains the publishing process and how Supersonic partners up with developers, from…