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This February marks four years since Supersonic from Unity launched its publishing solution for mobile games. During this time, over 100 titles have been published, resulting in over 4.9 billion downloads worldwide for Supersonic, according to

Here are some highlights from the past 4 years:

Title highlights

  • Supersonic from Unity had 3 games in the top 10 most downloaded hyper-casual games worldwide in 2023 - Bridge Race #2, Going Balls #3, Tall Man Run #9 (source:

  • When looking at all game genres (and not only hyper-casual), Bridge Race was #11 and Going Balls #12 in the most downloaded games worldwide in 2023 (source:
  • Supersonic from Unity had 7 games in the top 100 most downloaded games worldwide of 2023 - Bridge Race, Going Balls, Tall Man Run, Emoji Puzzle, Build a Queen, Slow Mo Run, Hide ‘N Seek (source:
  • Unity was the 4th largest games publisher worldwide by downloads in 2023, coming after Azur, Tencent and Onesoft, and was the 2nd largest hyper-casual games publisher worldwide by downloads in 2023 (source:
  • Unity was the 7th largest publisher worldwide by downloads in 2023, coming after Meta, Google, ByteDance and others (source:
  • After launching in August 2023, Build a Queen was the 5th most downloaded mobile game worldwide in September 2023 and has since remained in the top 20 (worldwide, all games, Feb 2024, source:

Technology highlights

Supersonic from Unity’s 4th year saw several important platform updates to further streamline the publishing process, provide transparency to users, and empower developers with as much knowledge as possible.

  • Knowledge Hub provides a one-stop-shop where developers  get exclusive access to content and resources that boost their ideation, prototyping and marketability, game design, marketing, creative and growth skills
  • New A/B testing page revolutionizes the A/B testing process by providing developers with more accurate insights that show the statistical significance of a test, before they decide on how to proceed
  • Revamped “all games” page allows a developer to quickly see their chosen KPIs (such as CPI, playtime, retention rate) in relation to each other and more clearly understand what needs attention and modifying
  • Supersonic app provides developers with a comprehensive toolset for managing and monitoring games, including full visibility into in-game and marketability metrics, access to the Knowledge Hub, and access to tests, all from their phone

“2023 was a really exciting year for us, as we gave our self-serve platform a total overhaul. “Every step we take, we aim to increase the transparency for our developer partners. We offer developers the technology to support the most  efficient game growth, as well as our expert insights to support the growth of their soft skills, like game ideation. We’re incredibly proud of some legacy games - like Bridge Race, Going Balls and Tall Man Run - still showing up strong in the top charts and driving great experiences for users and profits for the creators, as well as newer games like Build a Queen and Slow Mo Run that are joining the ranks of success, both in terms of downloads and revenue. We’re forever grateful to the growing list of studios who choose to partner with us to publish their game portfolio.”

- Nadav Ashkenazy, Chief Revenue Officer at Unity Grow

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