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May 1 – June 15

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Our philosophy

Playing the long game

Your success is our success. That means, we’re with our game developers for the long-haul, and we push for long-term growth, not just short-term wins. We’re an ambitious, driven team who’ll do whatever it takes to break the store barrier and turn your great games into chart-topping hits.

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Mobile game publishing

Growing super games

The first 3 games we ever published reached #1 and #2 in the US within a week of launch, and we expect our next games (your game) to perform just as well – because only Supersonic is backed by years of game growth expertise and combat-tested game growth technology.

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Sort It 3D

1st in the US App Store

Ultimate Disc

1st in the US App Store

Join Clash 3D

1st in the US App Store

Hide ‘N Seek!

1st in the US Play Store

Why Supersonic Studios?

10 years experience

Team up with an expert business partner that has 10 years experience in user acquisition and monetization for games, and combat-tested growth strategies.

Millions of players

Showcase your game to millions of people from around the world, who are just waiting to start (and keep) playing your games.

Creative firepower

Get your ad creatives to perform at max capacity with specialists who know everything about cracking the perfect balance between delighting users and boosting installs.

How to publish your game with Supersonic

Level 1

Submit your game

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Level 2

Run a marketability test

Use our self-serve platform to run a marketability test for your game and get insights into initial CTR or CPI

Level 3

Teaming up

Depending on results, our performance managers will help you reach the KPIs we know you can get, and our designers will make sure your game is addictive and fun

Level 4

Supersonic speed ahead

Once your game is up and running, we’ll move into full production – that means complete access to ironSource’s platforms and technology, the best growth teams out there, and 24/7 support