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4 out of the top 10 games are runners*

A decade of popularity

Classics like Subway Surfers and Temple Run paved the way for runner games 10 years ago. Players love and know the mechanic well, which is why we see them in the top charts so often.

Quick to develop

30-second levels and basic player skills make runners relatively quick and easy to build. Speed up development even more with Unity’s runner templates.

Scale up

Runners have the most sub-genres of any category, like ASMR, decision-making, or gain/lose – giving you more options to attract a wider group of players.

How to build the next hit runner game

It starts with an idea

Check out these resources to think of your next great runner concept

Get 3 ideation tips from a top hyper-casual developer

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Learn how to turn a trend into a hyper-casual hit on our monthly livestream

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Explore this kit for a hands-on way to get the brainwaves going

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Pull ahead with Unity’s runner template

Use Unity’s new runner template, which is based on best practices and industry expertise, to create high-quality prototypes and iterations for runner games quickly and easily. There, you’ll find assets curated exclusively for runner games, along with other features that free up the time you spend building the framework so you can focus on honing your concept and making the next great game.

Explore the Unity templateExplore the Unity template

Learn the foundations of a successful runner

As you’re building your game, keep in mind the best practices for this genre

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Make it easy

Users play runner games as quick breaks, so remember to keep the difficulty level low to keep users retained and engaged


Use gates

Runners that incorporate gates are trending - add this element to your game and create a transformation, like in size, shape, speed, or value


Keep levels short

Engage users and keep them playing with short and captivating levels. Players want to feel satisfied and accomplished quickly


Track the trends

Take a look at the hyper-casual charts and consider what concepts you can turn into a runner game


Emphasize the theme

Choose a common theme that all users can recognize and enjoy, then highlight it with action-packed creatives

Learn from the best

At Supersonic, we’ve partnered with developers to grow some of the most popular runner games in the world. Take a look at a few of the success stories to inspire your own title:

Tall Man Run takes #1 spot overall on Android
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Join Clash is most downloaded game in the world Q1 2021
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Rope Man Run reaches top 5 on both app stores
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Become a Supersonic partner

Once you’ve built your runner prototype in Unity, it’s time to think about publishing. You deserve a partner as invested in you as your game – and who has experience growing 41 top 10 hits.

Transparency at every stage of publishing

Keep tabs on your game with unrivaled access to metrics from testing to global launch – and beyond

Best-in-class tools and products

Count on the latest and best technology powering your game with in-depth analytics reports and A/B testing tools

Creative support

Continue to scale with a creative strategy that gets the most out of your game

Monetization expertise

Let our monetization experts guide your strategy and share their tips so your game is more profitable, more quickly

Knowledge sharing and guidance

Grow your game and your skills as a developer with info and tools like market analyses, best practices, and an ideation kit

Professional feedback

Learn directly from the experts who helped grow some of the most downloaded games in the world

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*Data is from H1 2022, in which 4 of the top 10 games based on downloads were hyper-casual runner games