When working with a publisher, likely you get insights and data up until you launch your game - after that, you may just get a payout each month and a few suggestions or requirements for improvements. However, this black-box approach limits your ability to take your own and your studio’s skills to the next level after publishing a game. That’s all changing with our new LiveGames solution. 

LiveGames embodies the Supersonic philosophy around our transparent, white-box approach to publishing by giving developers unprecedented access to advanced analytics even after your game is published. With this tool, you can check real-time profit, analyze your game’s key metrics like ad performance, ARPU, and LTV, and A/B test new ideas and features for your game - helping you build a profitable business and improve your knowledge for future projects.

Let’s take a look at three ways you can use the LiveGames solution to get a more transparent, granular look at performance and level up your game after it’s published.

1. Keep tabs on cash flow with real-time profit monitoring

Often, developers have to wait until the end of the month to receive a publisher's payout and see how well the app performed. You may not have any idea how much profit to expect and have little insight into how your app has been performing across app stores.

With the LiveGames solution, a finance page with daily, monthly, and lifetime profit breakdowns makes it easy for you to proactively check your real-time revenue so you know what to expect and can make decisions about your business based on real financial data. For example, you can build a more accurate budget and see your success over time, helping you better predict cash flow into the future for parts of your business like hiring and payroll. 

Access to real-time financial data also eliminates the stress that often comes with waiting for the traditional, end-of-month payout without knowing how much it’ll be - with the data from LiveGames, you’ll always know what to expect and can easily check your app’s profits.

2. Break down key monetization metrics with the most advanced hyper-casual analytics in the industry

Granular insights into all sides of your app and app growth give you a better understanding of game performance and improve your ability as both a developer and business owner. With this data at your fingertips, you can make more informed and impactful decisions to scale your app business. 

“Our vision is to build a true partnership with our developers. In order for that to exist, developers must be empowered to take a more active role in understanding what affects their ad revenue and ultimately their game's success, and that requires visibility into their published games’ metrics.” 

- Nadav Ashkenazy, GM of Supersonic

The LiveGames solution includes player, ads, and LTV analytics that are broken down and filtered as granularly as possible. The data is aggregated from many different sources - like ironSource and Appsflyer - then presented in a simple format that lets you take a deep dive into your app’s performance.

The goal of monetizing your app is to generate the highest LTV possible - the LiveGames solution helps you accomplish this with deep analytics that address every part of game optimization. Player analytics show you how well you’re able to maximize users’ cumulative playtime. The higher the average accumulated playtime per player, the more opportunities you have to show ads and generate revenue. 

With ads analytics, you can see how well you’re accomplishing the second part of the puzzle towards maximizing LTV - converting playtime into impressions. Finding the right balance of ads in your game to maximize revenue without disrupting user experience ensures you’re converting playtime into ad impressions in the most efficient way possible. 

LTV analytics complete the picture and show you how well those impressions turn into revenue. You can use this granular-level data to understand and optimize your monetization strategy together with the Supersonic team - then you can continue to improve your profitability after launch.

What are some ways you can use this data? After launch, you can’t look at metrics like retention and playtime anymore as an overall average. That’s because users from different sources don’t all behave alike - so making a decision based on average isn’t going to accurately reflect the differences in user behavior per source. Rather than saying your playtime is 700s - you need to instead say that playtime from users who came from Facebook in the US is 800s. 

3. Continue to optimize your game with A/B testing 

A/B testing can help you make the most impactful decisions for maximizing revenue and optimizing your game, from ad implementation to gameplay. You can compare features like when to show an interstitial ad, determine the best background color for your game, and see which difficulty yields the best player metrics for a level. All of these tests help optimize your game’s performance, setting you up for sustained growth.

Supersonic’s Wisdom SDK is integrated directly into the LiveGames solution and you can use it to A/B test pretty much everything. Create two versions of your game, and Supersonic will take care of the rest.

Improving your game doesn’t have to stop after global launch - with the insights from this dedicated A/B testing page, you can grow your game further, improve user experience, and maximize profit. 

More transparency, faster growth

At Supersonic, we’ve always believed in empowering developers like you with more access to the industry’s best technology and granular data. With the launch of our LiveGames solution, you now have an unprecedented look into your game after global launch to maximize revenue and make better business decisions now - and into the future.

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