Supersonic Superstars Contest 2020

November 1 to December 17, 2020
The biggest hyper-casual game developer contest of the year
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Get a chance to win instant cash prizes

We’re awarding EVERY hyper-casual game that meets the following criteria with immediate cash payments. Keep in mind that profitable games may receive much more in revenue down the line.
Top prizes


Minimum guarantee

Gold medal:
1.CPI < $0.20+D1 > 45%+Playtime > 750s

Minimum guarantee:

Gold medal: $150,000 prize
Silver medal:
2.CPI < $0.25+D1 > 40%+Playtime > 500s

Minimum guarantee:

Silver medal: $75,000 prize
Bronze medal:
3.CPI < $0.30+D1 > 38%+Playtime > 450s

Minimum guarantee:

Bronze medal: $50,000 prize
Bonus prizes


Minimum guarantee

1.CPI < $0.20

Minimum guarantee:

$15,000 prize
2.CPI < $0.25

Minimum guarantee:

$7,500 prize
3.CPI < $0.30

Minimum guarantee:

$5,000 prize

Win an invite to our exclusive Superstars club

We’re offering anyone who wins a gold or silver medal the chance to join our exclusive Supersonic Superstars club.
Private Slack channel with Supersonic experts

Our team is your team. We’re dedicated to building a long-term relationship with you, and that means sharing our best talent, tips, and tricks whenever you need.

Early access to best-in-class tech

Start using our sophisticated growth technology before we release it to the public, and gain a massive advantage over your competitors.

Ongoing financial support

We’re investing in you - not just your game. Financial support each month means you can expand your portfolio and grow your studio without worrying about your next paycheck.

Are you ready?

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Submit your game by December 17th to enter.
Become a SuperstarBecome a Superstar
Guidelines for qualification

The game must have fewer than 10K downloads on submission day Each developer may submit an unlimited amount of games The game can’t have been previously tested with Supersonic iOS games only

Terms & Conditions – Supersonic Superstars