SuperSummer is on

This SuperSummer, get cash prizes for every single game you test. You read that right – you get a bonus for every game you test, no matter the results.

July 14th – August 15th, 2022

Every game tested wins cash prizes

Earn cash rewards each time you test a game, and win even more for meeting our benchmarks:


for any approved prototype tested on the Supersonic platform


for all high-potential games our publishing team believes in


CPI prize

for all prototypes that hit a CPI of $0.50 or less, and D1 retention >25% (Facebook, iOS/Android, US)


CPI prize

for all prototypes that hit a CPI of $0.40 or less, and D1 retention >25% (Facebook, iOS/Android, US)


minimum guarantee for any game published during or as a result of SuperSummer

Let your ideas run wild to earn even more rewards

The more prototypes you test during SuperSummer, the more you earn. Check out these tips for ideation and marketability testing that set your game up for success from the start:

Look to TikTok to inspire your next concept

Read the blogRead the blog

See where other top developers got the ideas for their games

Learn their secretsLearn their secrets

Breeze through the marketability test to confirm your game’s potential, faster

Read the blogRead the blog

Nail your CPI video from the start as you follow along with Nir Regev, Publishing Team Leader at Supersonic

Watch the webinarWatch the webinar

Use this ideation kit to help you think of your next killer game concept

Get the kitGet the kit

Take tips from the Supersonic success stories


Pro Builder becomes a profitable idle arcade hit and the 3rd game Black Candy publishes with Supersonic


GameLemo partners with Supersonic to get Arm Simulator to #1 on Android within 3 days

Case study

Garawell Games gets Color Match to #1 overall by partnering with Supersonic for the second time


Make your summer super

Submit your game for testing now and get crazy cash prizes