Power your game with tech built for growth

Power your game with tech built for growth

Tech the Supersonic way

Complete transparency into game performance

From prototyping data to the profit of your published titles, the Supersonic platform keeps you in the loop

Data-driven decisions above everything else

Make data-driven decisions with deep insights into every part of the publishing process – from marketability to creatives

Supersonic from Unity

Unity, the world’s leading platform for content creators of all sizes, is behind every Supersonic product – so you know you’re always getting the best

Dive into the Supersonic Platform

Get a sneak peek of all the data and tools designed to help you build stronger prototypes 

All games

Get a snapshot of your game portfolio at each stage of the publishing process, from initial marketability testing to global launch. You’ll see metrics like game status, CPI, IPM, and more – so you always have complete transparency into your prototype’s performance.

Prototype reports

Understand prototype performance at a glance with a unified marketability score across Facebook, TikTok, and ironSource. Then dive deeper into each channel to get demographics and metrics for each marketability test – including a cohorted view into user behavior.

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Game optimization

Break down game performance into three dimensions:

  • A/B tests: Split users into groups and A/B test anything you’d like, from placements to level difficulties. Then compare results and move forward with the winner.

  • Level analytics: Dive into each build’s levels, compare them, and visualize the data with funnels.

  • Crash center: Understand the health of your game on a high level by comparing stability across device version, date, and build.

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Published games

Supersonic is the only publisher to give you real-time ARPU, LTV, and installs after your game’s launch, so you can keep scaling while maximizing profit.

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Wisdom SDK

Spend less time managing your games’ growth and more time on game iterations and development with an SDK that constantly and automatically updates with the relevant tools your game needs.

Knowledge Hub: Members only

Boost your skills with exclusive access to tons of resources:

  • Charts: Browse through the current top hyper-casual games to help inspire your next hit.

  • Market trends: Get all the latest trends and full game analyses from Supersonic experts.

  • Tips & tricks: Dive into a video library of expert tips, covering everything from ideation and prototyping to marketability and monetization.

  • Failed creatives library: Get a peek into creatives that received a high CPI on Facebook so you don’t make the same mistakes.

Learn how to use the tools for maximum impact

3 tools only on Supersonic that give you a full 360° view of your hyper-casual game performance


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