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Behind the hit: How Tall Man Run got to #1 overall and won Supersonic Superstars
Zvi Mehlman, Senior Publishing Manager at Supersonic, Carlton Forreseter, Founder of VectorUp Games
Get your game ready for Supersonic Superstars #4 by diving into previous Superstars winner and #1 app overall, Tall Man Run
How to get your game ready for Supersonic Superstars - and beyond
Nadav Ashkenazy, SVP Supersonic, Melissa Zeloof, VP Marketing at ironSource
Get your game ready to win $2M this Supersonic Superstars - and for future success - with these tips from Nadav Ashkenazy, SVP Supersonic
What to expect when publishing your game with Supersonic
Nadav Ashkenazy, SVP Supersonic
Explore the Supersonic difference and what it's like to publish a hyper-casual game with top growth experts
Case Study
Pau Rau, 슈퍼소닉과 다시 협업 후 게임 ‘Move Animals’ 안드로이드 차트 2위 달성 및 슈퍼소닉 슈퍼스타 우승
Pau Rau , Move Animals
Paul Raubic은 일인 개발사인 Pau Rau 게임 스튜디오의 창립자입니다. 그의 기존 출시작인 게임 …
Taking a performance-based approach to building creatives
Lolita Snapkova, Director of Creative Operations at Supersonic; Darya Ipatova, Motion Designer Lead at Supersonic
Learn to build creatives that convert with tips, best practices, and examples from the experts themselves
Case Study
Grab Master, 슈퍼소닉과 손잡고 안드로이드 차트 3위 달성
Ging Games, Grab Master
Ging Games는 2019년 터키 앙카라에서 설립된 게임 스튜디오로 어디에서나 누구든 즐길 수 있…
Idle arcade: insights and best practices
Zvi Mehlman, Senior Publishing Manager at Supersonic, Uri Ron, Market Research Expert at Supersonic
Hear straight from the Supersonic experts about tips, best practices, and insights for the super popular idle arcade genre
Case Study
Arm Simulator, 슈퍼소닉과 손잡고 단 3일 만에 안드로이드 차트 1위 달성
GameLemo, Arm Simulator
‘GameLemo’는 2019년부터 간결한 게임 플레이 안에  일상의 순간 경험들을 담아내어  전 세…
How to increase revenue and maintain retention with interstitial ads
Maayan Aharonovitch, Product Monetization Leader at Supersonic
Join a monetization expert from Supersonic and learn best practices for interstitial ads to hit the sweet spot of retention and revenue