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To kill or not to kill: Deciding which games pass marketability
Yaniv Haroety, Supersonic
Join Supersonic's Yaniv Haroety at Hyper Games Conference talking all about determining marketability potential
Case Study
Move People 与 Supersonic 合作,杀入安卓、苹果应用商店Top 3
Pau Rau Studio, Move People
Move People(人偶控制) 是个人开发者兼 Pau Rau Studio 创始人 Paul Raubic 的游戏作品。Paul 曾自…
How to publish your game with Supersonic
Danielle Cohen, Director of Gaming, explains the publishing process and how Supersonic partners up with developers, from…
Fireside chat with the founder behind the #1 hit Stacky Dash
David Wang, Supersonic; Stan Mettra, Born2Play
Join Supersonic's David Wang as he interviews the game developer behind #1 hit Stacky Dash
How to be a leaner, faster game developer
Vinicius Pachá, Supersonic
Tune into Sr Game Developer Vini share his tips for approaching game development in a simple, clear way - along with suggestions for prioritization
How to use Supersonic's prototyping and LiveGames solutions
Adi Shaulian and Maayan Aharonovitch, Supersonic
Tune into Product Managers Adi and Maayan walk you through how to make the most of Supersonic's dashboards and technology
Breaking down 2021 hyper-casual game trends
Tomer Geller, Supersonic
Tune into Supersonic's Tomer Geller talking through the top 3 hyper-casual subgenres and mechanics
How to ideate and iterate hyper-casual games
Zvi Mehlan, Supersonic
Learn what you can expect at each stage of publishing and best practices for kicking things off on the right foot
How to make killer creatives for your hyper-casual game
Lolita Snapkova, Supersonic
Tune into Creative Team Leader Lolita Snapkova share her tried-and-true best practices for designing and optimizing game creatives