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Behind the hit: How Tall Man Run got to #1 overall and won Supersonic Superstars
Zvi Mehlman, Senior Publishing Manager at Supersonic, Carlton Forreseter, Founder of VectorUp Games
Get your game ready for Supersonic Superstars #4 by diving into previous Superstars winner and #1 app overall, Tall Man Run
How to get your game ready for Supersonic Superstars - and beyond
Nadav Ashkenazy, SVP Supersonic, Melissa Zeloof, VP Marketing at ironSource
Get your game ready to win $2M this Supersonic Superstars - and for future success - with these tips from Nadav Ashkenazy, SVP Supersonic
What to expect when publishing your game with Supersonic
Nadav Ashkenazy, SVP Supersonic
Explore the Supersonic difference and what it's like to publish a hyper-casual game with top growth experts
Case Study
Supersonic 发行游戏《Become a Queen》跻身榜单前 10,为全球首款叙事类超休闲游戏之一
Unlock Games, Become a Queen
Unlock Games 是一家位于塞浦路斯的手游工作室,专注于开发超休闲和休闲游戏。这支精简而…
Case Study
Pau Rau 与 Supersonic 再携手 ,助力 Move Animals 荣登安卓榜单亚军,并赢得 Superstars 比赛
Pau Rau , Move Animals
Paul Raubic 是 Pau Rau 游戏工作室的独立开发者和创始人。在与 Supersonic 合作后,他的上一个作…
10 个技巧,教你制作高转化率的超休闲游戏广告创意
Sasha Gerber
为什么我们会用一整个 SuperMonday 网络研讨会来讨论广告创意?因为尽管它看起来很简单,…
Taking a performance-based approach to building creatives
Lolita Snapkova, Director of Creative Operations at Supersonic; Darya Ipatova, Motion Designer Lead at Supersonic
Learn to build creatives that convert with tips, best practices, and examples from the experts themselves
Case Study
Grab Master 与 Supersonic 合作打入 Android 游戏排行榜前三
Ging Games, Grab Master
成立于 2019 年的 Ging Games 是一家位于土耳其安卡拉的游戏开发公司。本着为世界各地的游戏…
Case Study
独立开发者与 Supersonic 四度合作,共同助力 Tall Man Run 问鼎游戏榜单首位
VectorUp Games, Tall Man Run
VectorUp Games 是独立开发者 Carlton Forrester 在美国弗吉尼亚州创办的游戏公司。Carlton 之前从事…