Since launching back in February 2020, Supersonic has become one of the leading hyper-casual mobile game publishers in the industry. During this time, over 40 titles have reached the top 10 (in the US or worldwide) resulting in over 3.4 billion downloads worldwide (according to Appsflyer). Here are our top highlights from the past 3 years. 

Title highlights:
  • In 2022, for the second year in a row, Bridge Race was the most downloaded hyper-casual game worldwide, according to
  • 3 titles - Bridge Race (#1), Going Balls (#3), Tall Man Run (#6) - made it in the top 10 most downloaded hyper-casual games in 2022, worldwide (

  • Looking at all game genres, Bridge Race was #7 in the top 10 most downloaded games of 2022, worldwide (

  • Supersonic was the 6th largest mobile game publisher by downloads, worldwide, in 2022 (coming after Meta, Google and Bytedance). 
Technology highlights:

On the technology side, Supersonic continued our focus on automating the publishing process, creating a white box approach to publishing, and empowering developers with knowledge.

  • Level Analytics gives a customized view of how each level in a game is performing in relation to its benchmarks, so that outliers can easily be spotted, A/B tested, and improved.  
  • Crash Center checks the health of a game, helping developers determine if their prototype is underperforming due to a technical issue as opposed to a concept issue. 
  • Marketability Tool analyzes a game’s marketability across different channels (such as TikTok, Facebook and network SDKs) and KPIs (such as creatives win rate, placement and CPI) to better predict a game’s potential to reach and attract a meaningful audience.
  • Wisdom Next SDK enables developers to quickly and easily access all of the Supersonic tools right from the prototyping stage, speeding up the onboarding process and accelerating the game testing timeline. 
Contests and promotions:

Supersonic is big on giving prizes and bonuses away for good prototypes and games. In the past year, Supersonic ran two Superstars contests, a SuperSummer promotion, a runner game contest, and an idle arcade game contest.

Supersonic will kick off the start of 2023 with our SuperWinter campaign. Between March 1 and March 31 2023, hyper-casual game developers can earn:

  • $200 for any approved prototypes tested on the Supersonic platform
  • $3,000 CPI and retention prize for all prototypes with:
    • ≤$0.50 CPI on Facebook
    • ≥30% D1 retention on Android or iOS
  • $5,000 CPI and retention prize for all prototypes with:
    • ≤$0.40 CPI on Facebook
    • ≥30% D1 retention on Android or iOS
  • $10,000 Marketability prize for all prototypes that get a marketability score of 4+
  • $100,000 for any published game

The above bonuses are subject to the following terms and conditions

“The past three years have been an exciting journey, and I can’t thank all of the studios enough who choose to work with us, game after game,” said Nadav Ashkenazy, SVP of Supersonic from Unity. “It’s wonderful to see the older games like Bridge Race once again holding the crown as the most downloaded hyper-casual game worldwide [in 2022] as well as newer titles like My Mini Mart showing strong and consistent growth. What our success comes down to is a two-pronged approach of investing in our partners as much as we invest in our games: we’re laser focused on building best-in-class technology for efficiency and performance, openly communicating metrics and KPIs, and sharing best practices and tips.”  


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