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Our DNA at Supersonic Studios is partner-first and focused. Our goal is to always help our partners grow so they can be the best developers on the top charts. We never want our partners to be a one-hit wonder. How do we do that? We make sure to invest in our partners as much as we invest in their games. 

That means, sharing tips and best practices on a regular basis, building powerful tools for efficiency and performance, and openly communicating metrics and KPIs. By combining our expertise and background in game growth with our commitment to being a transparent white box, we make sure our partners are always set up for success.  

In this article, we’re taking a deeper dive into our philosophy and discussing how we approach our partnerships, and what makes us a unique publishing powerhouse in the hyper-casual industry. 

Investing in our partners for the long-term through a white box approach

We believe in investing in our partners as much as their games - building long-term relationships and helping developers grow and turn their game into a business is part of our entire ethos. That’s why we take a white box approach to publishing. Unlike a black box that’s completely opaque, a white box is all about transparency and giving developers access to data, insights, and knowledge. Doing so empowers you to make educated and effective business decisions both now and in the future. 

Publishing can feel like an unclear process, where one day you’re told your game won’t get launched even after getting past the first few stages. At Supersonic, we make sure to always be transparent about game performance and how you’re progressing through each step of publishing. That’s why we focus on building innovative game growth technology, like our Wisdom SDK which lets developers quickly and easily connect to all of the tools on the Supersonic solution. 

When Born2Play failed to publish their game Stacky Dash with another publisher, they then partnered with us at Supersonic - and Stan Mettra, Founder of Born2Play, recognized the value of transparency at every stage of the publishing process: “One of the things we enjoyed most was the amount of data Supersonic gave us access to and the visibility into how the creatives and user acquisition campaigns on each channel were performing, which gave us a clear understanding of what was working best."

We’re open to sharing anything and everything with our partners. From disclosing tips and trends to best practices in game growth, the team at Supersonic is always eager and available to make our knowledge your knowledge. 

Our white box approach also extends to fair deals and bonus policies that give developers a fair share of the pie. We look out for our developer partners and that our relationship extends beyond your first hit. So, we also ensure developers keep their IP - your game is always yours.

Murat Kul, the developer behind the hit game Get Rich and winner of the first Supersonic Superstars competition describes this transparency: “Supersonic provided full access into their insights and analytics - and even now all of their data is still open to me. No matter what or when I ask, they show me the data, and that transparency is very important for both continued game growth and building a long-term, trusting relationship.”

Focusing on speed to get games to the top in weeks instead of months

Especially in the hyper-casual market where clones always pose a risk and competition is high, speed is a major differentiator for a game that can help it reach the top - and that’s something we prioritize at Supersonic.

We’re not just publishers - we also have a team of 40 developers and product managers who are constantly building new tools to boost game performance and efficiency through each step of publishing. The Prototyping solution and Wisdom SDK are both available for developers to test and optimize every part of their game. The Prototyping solution gives developers full visibility into marketability test metrics, like CTR, CPI, and retention. Leading into soft launch, the Wisdom SDK enables quick and efficient SDK integration and connects your game to all of the tools and solutions on Supersonic, like A/B testing, cross promotion capabilities, and privacy management. These three best-in-class technologies help us reach benchmarks faster and get to global launch with the best possible version of a game.

Working with Supersonic to publish their game Bead Sort, Carlton Forrestor, Founder at Fogwatt Games, was amazed at the speed and efficiency of the team: “Once the scale of the campaign reached a significant point, Supersonic began optimizing both the creatives and the CPI strategy. On the second day, seeing how quickly the game jumped, Supersonic said we were ready to go global. It blew me away - we got to #1 on the app stores within 2 days.”

Communication matters during the publishing process, too, and Supersonic consists of a supportive, responsive team that provides feedback quickly after clearly having a grasp of each game. 

While publishing Emoji Puzzle, Dmitriy Kurylev, Co-Founder of Fun Velikan, talked about how communication and collaboration helped launch his game faster: “Communication between us and Supersonic was excellent, which helped us quickly implement their suggestions and design tweaks. We were able to fully launch the app in a short amount of time and reach the top of the charts just 5 days after launch.” 

Tech and data is a culture

We’ve helped games reach the top of the charts and generate significant profit, by making decisions based on data - not on a mere hunch. Building the most advanced technology enables highly granular optimization and ensures our data-based decisions make the most impact. Based on several A/B tests - both preset tests and unique ones for each game - through our Wisdom SDK that’s open to developers, we can optimize both the game itself and the monetization strategy. 

This data-centric approach extends to our UA strategy, where we use highly granular optimizations. These include looking at the quality and LTV of each group of users with sophisticated algorithms that predict final LTV. We can also bid the right CPI per source to maximize profit and automatically analyze each ad creative we produce  - out of hundreds per game - to find the right ones that will maximize scale and ROI.

The game Join Clash - which has more than 219 million installs globally and has remained in the top 100 since March 2020 - is a great example of our analytical UA approach. Evgeniy Sidorov, Lead Game Producer at Freeplay, describes the experience of working with the team to achieve greater scale: “We understood that Supersonic treats creatives the same way they treat their games - with carefully thought-out strategies, extensive testing, and a deep understanding and application of best practices. The amazing work that we did together with Supersonic resulted in rapid growth that took us all the way to the #2 spot in the U.S. charts while maintaining significant profit along the entire way.”

What we do is simple - we analyze everything, from retention and playtime to impressions per ad unit and LTV. All this is shown and explained to developers and includes a flexible breakdown for them to understand performance and feel empowered to optimize on their own.

When Black Candy partnered with us to publish, Bayasaglan Lkhamdorj, co-founder of Black Candy identified this access to data and technology as a big advantage: “Working with the team to run the A/B tests together through their platform was very easy, and we valued the transparency of the insights we accessed through the dashboard. We were even able to see how Supersonic handled the UA side by creating and testing many versions of creatives.”

A philosophy that sets us apart

We live, breathe, and thrive based on the Supersonic philosophy we’ve laid out above. Our mission and what we believe in sets us apart from every other publisher, drives our success forward, and continues to inspire how we help developers grow their next hit game - and themselves. Want to see for yourself what our philosophy is all about? Submit your game to publish with us.


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